中文版 English presented The Masters of Domains awards to the ten highest grossing individual brokers of the preceding year on the NamesCon, 2017 with the #1 award going to George Hong. This is probably the first ever domain broker award based on total sales volume. describes George Hong in the award page: George Hong is the owner and CEO of the extremely successful Chinese domain brokerage firm Guta Inc. Throughout 2015 and 2016 his firm brokered short and brandable .com’s to the Chinese market, setting and resetting the high water mark of the largest deal of the year. George’s calm style and portfolio of clients straddling both East and West set Guta Inc’s brokerage apart throughout 2016.

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DNJournal is one of the most well known domain business media around the world. Every January, Ron Jackson, the General Editor, will assemble a panel of leading experts from throughout the domain world to get their take on how the industry fared over the past year and its prospects for the new year ahead.

Guta team attended NamesCon 2017

Guta team with ICA members at NamesCon 2017

George Hong spoke at NamesCon 2017

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George Hong hosted a domain investing strategy panel at 2016 World Domain Conference

Guta at ICA 10th Anniversary

George Hong gave a keynote speech at 2015 Digital Assets Domain Summit held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing

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  • We are ethical. - We represent either the buyer or the seller in a transaction but never both. We are transparent with clients, in every case that we broker a domain name, we will let our clients know upfront about our commission fee.
  • We are professional. - We help bridge the gap between the buyer and seller to overcome the barriers between them such as the communication and language barrier, valuation difference barrier, as well as the cultural barrier and purchasing barrier. We perform proactive research to give our clients professional opinions backed by data. We focus on premium domains and offer personalized service and attention that our clients deserve.
  • We are well connected. - We know and have worked with many key players in the global domain name industry.

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