markdown syntax


  • Support Standard Markdown / CommonMark and GFM(GitHub Flavored Markdown);
  • Full-featured: Real-time Preview, Image (cross-domain) upload, Preformatted text/Code blocks/Tables insert, Code fold, Search replace, Read only, Themes, Multi-languages, L18n, HTML entities, Code syntax highlighting…;
  • Markdown Extras : Support ToC (Table of Contents), Emoji, Task lists, @Links…;
  • Compatible with all major browsers (IE8+), compatible Zepto.js and iPad;
  • Support identification, interpretation, fliter of the HTML tags;
  • Support TeX (LaTeX expressions, Based on KaTeX), Flowchart and Sequence Diagram of Markdown extended syntax;
  • Support AMD/CMD (Require.js & Sea.js) Module Loader, and Custom/define editor plugins;